In an effort to give my etsy shop some variety, I created these more sophisticated looking note cards. These cards are appropriate for anyone, really - even to give to a man (gasp!). The front has a rectangular cutout that frames the thank you sentiment that is printed inside.

I hardly ever design anything in jewel tones, so it was so much fun using my earthtone swatch book in Illustrator! I love these colors, by the way. These in particular are thank you notes, but I can change them to be personal notes (with a name or monogram) or just hello notes too.

I even created matching address labels. Lately my address labels have been my top selling etsy item. I get orders for them almost every day. So cool!

I am feeling better these days too. Last night, I literally crashed when I got home from work. I fell asleep with Leighton at nearly 8:30p. and it was exactly what my body needed :)

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  1. Where oh where do the robot ones be? Alex has been waiting ever so patiently to place his order :) Yippie!