american as apple turnovers.

I had an apple turnover today and it was delicious - so delicious, that I had to write about it here. Does anyone like these things besides me? I could eat like a dozen of them. I love the flaky dough. I love the sanding sugar or the drizzled frosting - whatever. They are good. Almost as good as my mom's homemade apple pie. I like my mom's pie a little better only because the apple goodness inside is not as sweet. I like it sweet, but sometime those turnovers are too sweet. I had the best apple pastry in Paris in September, but I am not heading to Paris anytime soon (bummer), so I thought maybe I should try creating some of my own. I bought some phillo dough on the way home from work today and I think I will search Martha's site for a good apple filling recipe. Keeping my fingers crossed that they turn out...I mean, how hard can it be: cut dough, scoop in filling, press all around and bake.

Ina Gartner - image credit here

Hmmm, I'll give you an update over the weekend :)

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