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I just finished these note cards up. Took me a longer than usual with all of my projects & mommy duties mixed in. I think they are pretty swell. They are available for every state, even though only Michigan is featured in my etsy shop. I think these cards would be so fun as a 'moving card' for those of you who are might be jumping states or as a gift for someone you know that moved...



We had such a fun weekend hanging with friends.
Thanks for inviting us over Kristi and Joe.
We should do that more often.

This is truly what Summer is all about.



I went on a work trip recently for a couple days. I wanted to pack light, so I wore a dress and I packed one to wear the next day. I think that may have been the lightest and easiest packing job I ever had. It was awesome! Made me think that those friends of mine who wear dresses were really on to something.

So, I've been really digging on dresses lately and skirts. Not that I was opposed to them before, but there just wasn't a good selection of them. Until now...have you noticed? It's like dresses are making a come back! I have been having so much fun looking and buying new dresses to wear. Recently I came upon this website that sells vintage inspired clothing and just about fell over *dead*. Are you serious...cute dresses for $30 + up? I am a huge fan of Anthropologie, but I am not always able to afford the prices, so I have to be mindful and wait for things to go on sale. Ruche, I think, rivals Anthropologie but is much more affordable. I found cute dresses and cute tops...and the shoes (oh my goodness, the shoes). 

Here are some of my favorites (and I may or may not make a purchase before the weekend is up - ha, ha):
Adorable! I heart the ruffle waist.

I love the peek-a-boo hem on this skirt.

I really wanted this skirt, but they are sold out. I signed up for an e-mail if it becomes available again.

These shoes will be mine.

Someone invite me to a wedding, please so I can buy this dress!

I don't have anything this color. So cute.



I try not to throw Leighton in your face too much in dis' here blog, but today I am going to share with you here amazing stacking skillz. Seriously...it's pretty impressive. The girl can stack anything. Normally, you stack blocks from the biggest (on bottom) to the littlest on top. Not my girl. She stacks smallest to largest, you should see her steady hand!

I have to share this picture with you. It is one I snapped of Leighton stacking my make-up (yes, I have a major addiction to Bare Escentuals, it's embarrassing, sorry!). Now these little containers are tricky because they have slightly domed tops - - not so easy to stack. I had my back turned for a few seconds and I turned around to see this:

Impressive, no?

I am not exactly sure what can be done with this skill, but I am hoping that it'll make her lots of money in the future :)


i may/may not have done this...

I may have purchased these shoes on the very same day I picked up a similar pair for someone for a Father's Day present, maybe not? I am just saying as all...

Because if I did...I would/could be very excited about receiving them in a short 5-7 business days.

And just to put it into perspective for myself (because I would have paid with my own side money): 14 sets of labels sold on my etsy.com (after material & shipping & etsy/paypal costs) = (1) pair of Keen sandals (sale price). Translation: I would have to do a lot of side work to buy these :)