pig tails!

It's official, I can now put Lei-Kei's hair in 'for reals' baby pig tails!
Seriously, I thought those golden locks would never grow.
But, I am happy to announce her hair did grow, although it's very baby fine and whispy.

And not only can she rock out the piggies, but she can also be a dead ringer for Justin Bieber if she lets Momma comb her hair.

I've only done it twice...OK maybe more than twice :)

My cutie-patootie!



Today, I decided to reveal to you a little fact about me...

What kind of music do I listen to when I am at my Mac designing away into the wee hours of the night?

Well, my absolute favorite song right now is Un-Thinkable (I'm Ready) by Alicia Keys. Have you heard it? Seriously, I think I have listened to it no less than 10+ times today.

Are you an R&B fan? I like a lot of music and my iTunes playlist is all over the place, but my very favorite music is R&B and Jazz. Secretly, I have some soul. Back-in-the-day, I was a dancing fool at a club or two around town and in Canada (along with a couple of my bffs).

When I am working at home, I am usually listening to playlist that includes Brian McKnight, Toni Braxton, Sade, Alicia Keys, Babyface, Robin Thicke and more. When I was in high school, my favorites included: Jodeci, Boyz to Men, Ready for the World, Johnny Gill... shocking to many I am sure. I think that I gravitate to this type of music because I am such a lovey/passionate type personality, at least that is what my theory is.

I always thought it would be funny to have a dinner party and throw on my R&B playlist for background music and see if anyone even noticed? It would probably do either of the following:

A. Mellow out the party or 
B. Make everyone want to make-out with their significant other.

I might try it sometime :)