ready. set. go!

That is what Lei Lei said to me, in the sweetest voice ever today, right after she said 'hhhiiiiiiiii momma, missed you' when I walked in the door. Then she took off running for her 'Foofa'. Could she be any cuter?

She kills me (in a good way)!


new items.

I have been adding new labels to my etsy site. Like these...

And these...

And my personal new favorite...

Make sure to check them out :)
They would make a great Mother's Day gift for someone special ♥



You had to have been there, when this moment happened...it was supa' funny. Leighton has been cracking me up daily. A couple days ago at Tarjay, a gentleman held-open the door for us and I said Thank you, Leighton proceeded to answer that with a You're Welcome. My lil' monkey does not miss a beat.

Yesterday, while we were playing, she leaned over, back to me and then turned around to face me with 2 suckies in her mouth. Could. Not. Stop. Laughing. Seriously, it was the cutest thing ever. Had to take her picture to capture the moment. Once she heard her Daddy & I laughing, she really started to show off and then chase me, arms out and fingers a wigglin' ready to tickle me.

I ♥ being her Mom.


my contribution to earth week...

Just recently I turned in some reward points towards a free subscription to a magazine called Body & Soul (a Martha Stewart Publication). I just got my first issue last week and I really like it. It has some good articles and recipes in it. I feel like it's helping to nudge me closer to becoming more aware of things I eat and use. It is a daunting and expensive task to truely GO GREEN. Believe me, I have perused the aisles of Whole Foods wanting to full-on grocery shop, but my pocketbook just not allow me to pay some of the inflated costs associated with organic food. So, I tend to stay focused on getting things for just Leighton as I feel it is most important for her little body to consume the least amount of chemicals possible.

In other efforts to GO GREEN, we use reusable grocery bags, we drink water from Kleen Kanteens and just recently I bought these:

Aren't they the cutest? They are reuseable, lavender dryer sachets, which I found on etsy. You can use these for 4-6 months. How cool is that? Another plus: saves me lots money on dryer sheets!

Little by little, we are trying to do the right thing. It's great that more mainstream grocery stores (such as Meijer & Walmart) are getting a better variety of Organic foods and sometimes I even find coupons for them. In my opinion, we should not have to go broke to make ourselves healthier ♥

Happy Earth Week!


go away, cold!

On Monday night, I got about 2 minutes of sleep. Around 12:30a, Leighton was crying and calling for me, so I went and got her from her bed to rock her...only the rocking never stopped. Normally, we snuggle and I rock her gently back to sleep, but it was one of those nights that she just wasn't going back to HER bed. In fact she didn't want to lay anywhere except for on Mommy. Isn't it funny how your child can be dead asleep and as soon as she seperates from you even just a little bit they sense it and wake right back up?

Yeah, that happened all 3 times I attempted to lay her back in bed. I gave up at 5:00a and just figured the night was pretty much over and held her until it was time for me to get up for work. Secretly, I love snuggling with her. I try and suck that up as much as possible, as I know (as all Moms do) that it will eventually come to an end some day.

Last night I caught up on my sleep a little...but I still have this cold/allergy thing going on, so I kind feel like this today - a little tired and a little crabby cause my head still hurts and nose is still running:

Isn't this picture pitiful & cute at the same time?

On another note...Leighton is now spelling her name out. Pretty impressive since it is 8 letters long :) She won't do it every time I ask (which is a lot, I can't help it...it's so cute), but if I ask her randomly during the day, most-of-the-time she'll say it.


giveaway over at abm3!

Hurry to enter to win yourself a birthday present over at ABM3 in honor of Mr. Cutie Patootie's birthday: Alex, who just turned 1!

Kristi is giving away TWO gift cards valued at $10.00 each:
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Make sure you enter yourself to win before April 21st! Good Luck ♥



Leighton has been running a slight fever for 2 days now. Yesterday, she didn't really play at all...she mostly layed around - so not typical of my little, sweet girl. Today she seemed to have a little more pep, but I could tell she was still feeling under the weather. She was able to have a little bit of fun in the bathtub though - one of her favorite things is to do some 'swimmin' as she would say :).

I am planning on doing some relaxing this weekend. The second set of wedding invites that I have been working on are completed and outta here. I have a couple more smaller projects and the on-goings of the etsy shop and that is about it. Snuggling with Leighton for a nap tomorrow is number one on my list for tomorrow and I have been waiting all week to do that.

Have a nice weekend ♥

moosejaw is having a sale!

I am addicted to Moosejaw t-shirts ♥

Normally $19.95 each, I just bought a few for $4.99, $4.99 and $9.99 respectfully. Yes...I know, a deal at $19.97 for all 3! Not only do I love the Moosejaw store (as I used to work there back-in-the-day), but I am a huge supporter of this Michigan-based company. It's such a fun place to shop (and work). Where else do they answer the phone 'MOOSEjaw' in a crazy voice? No where :)


happy easter from leighton!

Happy Easter to all! God's blessings to you and your families today.

Leighton had the best time trying to find her eggs during our Easter egg hunt this morning. She was so excited and she didn't want to put any of them down. At one point she had 5 eggs in her hand. She found all of them in record time - even ones that Tim and I thought she would never find. She is a smart cookie :)