my contribution to earth week...

Just recently I turned in some reward points towards a free subscription to a magazine called Body & Soul (a Martha Stewart Publication). I just got my first issue last week and I really like it. It has some good articles and recipes in it. I feel like it's helping to nudge me closer to becoming more aware of things I eat and use. It is a daunting and expensive task to truely GO GREEN. Believe me, I have perused the aisles of Whole Foods wanting to full-on grocery shop, but my pocketbook just not allow me to pay some of the inflated costs associated with organic food. So, I tend to stay focused on getting things for just Leighton as I feel it is most important for her little body to consume the least amount of chemicals possible.

In other efforts to GO GREEN, we use reusable grocery bags, we drink water from Kleen Kanteens and just recently I bought these:

Aren't they the cutest? They are reuseable, lavender dryer sachets, which I found on etsy. You can use these for 4-6 months. How cool is that? Another plus: saves me lots money on dryer sheets!

Little by little, we are trying to do the right thing. It's great that more mainstream grocery stores (such as Meijer & Walmart) are getting a better variety of Organic foods and sometimes I even find coupons for them. In my opinion, we should not have to go broke to make ourselves healthier ♥

Happy Earth Week!

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