the deed - not the dirty one.

Remember this post.

Well...I finally did the deed (zomg!).

2nd picture down is the new me.
A new BETTER me *gasp*.

I thought I'd feel extreme regret when I saw the amount of hair on the floor, but I didn't.

Not even an ounce.

In fact, I felt a burden of 10 years suddenly lifted and I thought about that extra hour each day that I could devote to something better than blow drying my locks.

It was exactly the present I needed to give myself.


ring around the...barf!

I thought it was cute when I first taught Leighton 'Ring around the Rosy'. You know... when she could just barely walk and we'd practically do it in slow motion, maybe 1 or 2 times. Now that she practically runs everywhere she goes and can sing the song herself, 'Ring around the Rosy' has become one of her favorite activities. Rosy at a faster pace makes me want to barf. I can stand to do it 1 time and then when 'we all fall down', I tend to lay down to keep down the cookies.

And then there is sweet Leighton standing over me saying Again, Momma! Ugh.

If I ever decide to have Baby #2, he/she will never know 'Ring around the Rosy'.