Strength and Conditioning

I don't watch a lot of TV, only because it seems like I am endlessly busy. There is always laundry to be washed, little girls to be cuddled and places to be. But...there are a few shows that I actually make time to watch, no matter what.

Just recently, I started watching a reality TV show called: American Muscle on the Discovery Channel. It's a show that takes place in my hometown (Detroit!), and trains professional athletes plus the local joes. The owner is well known strength and conditioning coach, Mike Barwis. At Barwis Methods, they push willing, athletic bodies to their limits using science and a boot camp type mentality. I personally love it, only because I too want to improve my body strength. I want to run faster and longer, so this show really gets me motivated.

Check it out on Wednesdays!



Sometimes I do not understand what is happening in this world.

I read a post on Facebook about a man and woman who had a baby girl who had a rare tumor on her liver. She lived for 6 weeks in a hospital. They only had photos of her with tubes coming out of her mouth. The father posted a picture of the baby girl on a website asking for help with his photo. He wanted to know if someone would be willing to do some Photoshop to it, so they could have a single photo of their baby girl without the tubes. I barely made it though the post without crying. They received an overwhelming amount of photos, painting and drawings of people who wanted to help.

Later in the day, I read about Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17. I had tears, only this time, my tears weren't related to the goodness of strangers. My tears were for 230+ innocent people who did not deserve to die.


let's try this again.


I am back.

Writing with a different purpose, with a different attitude. You are going to dig it. I am going to keep the posts short and sweet, with hopefully enough sassiness to keep you coming back.

Guess what else? I run for Oiselle. Boom! I have been waiting to join this great group of inspiring women for over a year and when then announced #theflock on July 7th, you know I was stalking my e-mail like the nerd that I am. Refresh...refresh...refresh. Then, there it was. It's so awesome and now I have some girls to bond with that love to RUN like me. I am super-duper stoked. Can you tell?