true facts...

What I learned today...

Injecting hormones and additives into food is seriously gross

I don't want Leighton to have boobies by the time she is 4

{Thanks T & B for schooling me}


things that made me laugh today.

I had one of those days today at work. But, I knew when I got home that my lil' monster would make me laugh. Did I tell you about how she is OBsessed with her tape measure? Yes, we measure everything and we have to have the tape measure with us at all times. Here is a picture that I took tonight of her measuring Mickey. This always makes me laugh.

What big ears you have Mickey Mouse!

Second thing that made me laugh...Leighton marching up to me, looking me straight in the eye and saying 'tickle me mommy right now'. This girl loves to be tickled and of course I did what she said because I love to hear her laugh :)

new years resolutions.

Yes, I know I am late on declaring my New Years resolutions and to be quite honest, I only have 1. I want to take better pictures. Actually, I want to take awesome pictures. I want to litter my house with precious pictures of my loved ones...catching those unsuspecting moments. I want to learn how to properly use my Canon SLR camera. It is an gigantic task for me truthfully. With everything else going on, it seems as though, it is hardly a task that I can fit into my schedule, but I am really going to try. I even bought a tripod last week and a wireless remote, so I can take some of my own family photos.

I am even willing to practice on friends & their families, so if you live near me and you feel like getting your picture taken just let me know! Hint, Hint.

So now I leave you with a picture of my cutie pie kidlet. We had some serious fun playing in the snow over the weekend. Look at her pink cheeks. I die.


check out my etsy site!

Not that I am trying to self promote...OK, maybe I am a little :)
I just added some new labels to my etsy site. Keep in mind that any label can have matching notecards made. I really have been meaning to get some out there, just seems like days run short for me lately. There are some super cute ones and a couple Valentine-themed ones as well.

More to come soon!


happy new year!

I am a bit late with this post. But, Happy New Year anyhow!
I joined a gym over the break - duh, like everyone else did. I tend to jump on the imaginary bandwagon. But, for reelz...I am going, just as soon as they open up (on January 17th). Have you ever heard of Planet Fitness?? The whole $1.00 to join and $10.00 per month with no commitment basically had me at HELLO. We even got a free T-Shirt, pen & sticker (I know you're jealous!). I shouldn't feel too bad wasting $10.00 each month, when I only end up going like once or twice. Shoot...that's like $5.00 a time. I shouldn't feel guilty about that at all. So far, I have really enjoyed buying all of the cute workout gear that I will need, cause this gym does not allow work boots, jeans or flip flops. Only gym gear peoples! They are seriouz about that cause it's in the rules. So for Christmas I received some uber-cute North Face pants, Under Armour gear and even some fierce Nike pants, and really...they are fierce - it says it right on the waistband.

Don't worry...I'll be letting you know how all of the fat is just magically melting off of my bod in about 2 weeks.

Stay tuned.
Have a happy tuesday.

P.S. To the turd burglar at work who eats my candy and balls up the wrapper and leaves it in the jar...that's not nice - leaving the wrapper, that is.