our project.

That little project we called 'finishing the basement' is nearly complete.  Not bad for a couple 'do-it-yourselfers' (mostly the husband) who were solely educated by watching HGTV programs.

All that is left is the fun stuff...decorating and drinking lots hot cocoa by the fire :)

The bar area

1/2 bath

Game area: complete with foosball, pool & a cocktail table style 
Ms. Pac Man game (not shown - but is in lower left area)

Fireplace - note: black void up top on fireplace is for that 
flat screen that doesn't exist. Heard there will be major reductions
on LCD/Plasma screens for the Christmas season (good news!). 


show business.

Maybe you have wondered what it is that I do for a living? Well as much as I would like to have 'making notecards' my career...it just doesn't pay the bills. Sheesh! Most of the time it barely pays for my expenses! This momma has real bills and needs a real job to pay for them.

Just fresh from a trip to Moscow to set-up a booth, I have now jet-setted over the pond once again to Frankfurt, Germany to supervise a set-up for an even bigger booth. The travel sounds glamorous, but I feel just medium about it. I used to love it (considering my husband hates flying), so I was able to visit places I knew he'd never go to. Now that I am a Momma, I usually just miss my daughter a lot, so I end up counting the days until I leave.

The job is tough (and stressful). I get my fill of urgent phone calls and last minute changes. The good thing? My days are ever the same. I feel blessed to make a decent living along with having these travel perks. Its show business and the show must always go on!

P.S. I am setting a hot chocolate drinking record here! I think I have had more cups of hot chocolate here during this week, than I had in a whole decade :)