wrap around labels!

I added some wrap around labels to my etsy shop today!

I make a lot of these for invitations that I make, but I have never offered them to purchase separately. I just love how these look on the envelopes. The colors are so juicy, fruity and summer-like.
Reminds me of Fruit Stripe Gum!

Would be great for a summer party invite ♥


another giveaway!

My home girl Kristi over at ABM3 is having a great giveaway...and it would be a crying shame if you missed it!

Get your fanny over to her blog and enter to win a $40.00 gift certificate to csn stores.com!

I already have 3 entries...I really want to win!



I might have squealed with far too much delight when I saw the trailer for the movie Babies today. And, I could have been at work at the time, during a eerily quiet pause during the day. Who knows what people were thinking? Maybe I should have called them over to watch it too.

Seriously, I LOVE babies

I want to squeeze and hug them all. They are so freakin' cute I could j-u-s-t die. There I said it, I am 'gaga' over babies. Even though I have one of my own, I have been known to hug and smooch other babies I know like Alex Joseph, or my BF Amy's 2 babies (well, they aren't quite babies anymore...but she IS having a third, so I'll be able to smooch on him/her soon).

I'll probably have to wait until it is available via 'ON Demand' because I don't think I could convince my husband to go. But that is OK, because actually, I'd rather squeal in the privacy of my own home :)

it's been a crazy couple of weeks!

Whoa! It's been hectic over here at the D household these past few weeks. My brother got married and that was a big shindig. See the picture of my precious little flower girl and my handsome brother. Sorry, I know I am throwing them in your face, but aren't they cute? She did awesome by-the-way!!

 She actually sat still for this picture for a millisecond.

What pretty eyes you have my dearie!

My brother and my new sister-in-law are in Hawaii right now. SO wish I was there! Hmmmm...maybe someday...when I can put my husband in a straight jacket and give him a really powerful sedative :)

Want to know something else that is supa' cool? I broke 100 sales on etsy. Yeah, that means I had 100+  orders from a majority of people who are strangers to me but, kinda like my stuff. I think it's awesome. Especially for someone like me who is kinda shy and doesn't do a good job at self promotion! I have had orders from all over the US even Italy, Australia, Canada and Isreal! Thank you to all of my new etsy friends - I really appreciate your business ♥



guess who is 1.5 today?

A very, very happy half birthday shout out to my Lei Lei!

I can't believe you are now 1.5 * 18 months today!

At 18 months, you can count to 10 (when you want), identify practically all of your body parts, mimic animal sounds and identify them in books, say please and thank you, kiss with your mouth closed (makes for less slobbery kisses), ask for hugs (which is my favorite) and remember people like Ga-Ga, Papa, Matt, Lissa, Nana, NuNu, DeeDee, Juan, Indra...even Randy (our next door neighbor) and a guy named Dave who did some drywall at our house months ago.

A Tolee for each hand!

You are passionate about Dora, Kai-Lan,Yo Gabba Gabba and dancing! You can stack blocks in towers bigger than yourself and knock them down when they do not live up to your standards (maybe that is a little of Mommy's OCD that you inherited? Sorry about that). You can run really fast with no fear. You wave at the birdies and at the kids getting off of the bus on our street. You say 'HI' to everyone you meet (takes Mommy twice as long to do any kind of shopping because of the attention you attract in the store - we talk to everyone!). You LOVE going outside and chasing and blowing bubbles. You can catch when Daddy throws you a ball and you surprisingly have a good throw, for such a little girl. I know Daddy wants to buy you a tee and baseball bat already.

I'll admit, at the same time that I love seeing you discover new things and surpass your milestones, My heart feels just a little bit sad about the pace. Oh, will you please stop growing precious, little Leighton? I am asking in my sweetest Mommy voice...


big week coming up!

Serious week coming up here for us Dees!
Here is my list of things to be accomplished before week's end:

Work - Note: I am still playing the Mega Millions, so that some day this 'work' thing will go away (ha, ha).

Getting a tan - I mean, finding a way to get some color that doesn't involve baking my insides or spraying my body with chemicals that'll make me stink to high heaven and probably cause cancer.

Getting a mani/pedi - I have this scheduled for Thursday, as I took the day off from work. I would do my own pedicure (because honestly, I am pretty good at it), but there is just NO time.

Get my hair cut - I should have kept the appointment I had last week, but something came up and therefore I need to move it to this week. You'd think I was the one getting married with all of this primpin'!

Buy some silver shoes - Sexy, dancin' shoes that will match the pretty, platinum color of my matron of honor dress. My little brother is getting married on Saturday and thus the chaos of my life :)

Write my Matron of Honor speech - A fine blend of witty and sweet, make all the guests think 'Wow, she is funny, smart and pretty!' (like they don't think that already - wink, wink!).

Print the programs for the ceremony - I am leaving this to the professionals...I created them but, I have decided to get them professionally printed (which I do on some projects anyway) - best money spent, yet.

Finish my Mother's Day projects - Yes, I decided to make some gifts this year to go along with some of the other gifts I bought. I always seem to do this to myself. I usually make the greeting card(s) too, but because of my list here, I had to pick mine out at Hallmark today on my lunch hour. It should also be noted that I don't 'buy' cards a whole lot and so for a minute there, when I flipped the cards over I was like 'Whoa Daddy!' on the prices. $4.00+ for a card is HIGHWAY freakin' robbery.

BTW - my friend(s) who live near the Little Green Apple Hallmark on Rochester Road, on May 20th they are having a 20% off everything you can stuff in a bag sale, so you can buy cards, wrapping paper, gifts (Vera Bradley, Yankee Candle, etc...) at a discount.

Finish my orders on etsy - because there are other Mothers out there who need their presents too!

I'll certainly be looking forward to Sunday - Mother's Day, when I can rest & relax :)

**By the way...please check out the awesome giveaway over at Harper's Happenings. There are tons of great prizes - - - one of which may or may not be a set of my address labels ♥