I might have squealed with far too much delight when I saw the trailer for the movie Babies today. And, I could have been at work at the time, during a eerily quiet pause during the day. Who knows what people were thinking? Maybe I should have called them over to watch it too.

Seriously, I LOVE babies

I want to squeeze and hug them all. They are so freakin' cute I could j-u-s-t die. There I said it, I am 'gaga' over babies. Even though I have one of my own, I have been known to hug and smooch other babies I know like Alex Joseph, or my BF Amy's 2 babies (well, they aren't quite babies anymore...but she IS having a third, so I'll be able to smooch on him/her soon).

I'll probably have to wait until it is available via 'ON Demand' because I don't think I could convince my husband to go. But that is OK, because actually, I'd rather squeal in the privacy of my own home :)

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