it's been a crazy couple of weeks!

Whoa! It's been hectic over here at the D household these past few weeks. My brother got married and that was a big shindig. See the picture of my precious little flower girl and my handsome brother. Sorry, I know I am throwing them in your face, but aren't they cute? She did awesome by-the-way!!

 She actually sat still for this picture for a millisecond.

What pretty eyes you have my dearie!

My brother and my new sister-in-law are in Hawaii right now. SO wish I was there! Hmmmm...maybe someday...when I can put my husband in a straight jacket and give him a really powerful sedative :)

Want to know something else that is supa' cool? I broke 100 sales on etsy. Yeah, that means I had 100+  orders from a majority of people who are strangers to me but, kinda like my stuff. I think it's awesome. Especially for someone like me who is kinda shy and doesn't do a good job at self promotion! I have had orders from all over the US even Italy, Australia, Canada and Isreal! Thank you to all of my new etsy friends - I really appreciate your business ♥


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  1. What a cute little flower girl! And congrats on breaking 100 sales!! Yay! That is awesome!! :)