big week coming up!

Serious week coming up here for us Dees!
Here is my list of things to be accomplished before week's end:

Work - Note: I am still playing the Mega Millions, so that some day this 'work' thing will go away (ha, ha).

Getting a tan - I mean, finding a way to get some color that doesn't involve baking my insides or spraying my body with chemicals that'll make me stink to high heaven and probably cause cancer.

Getting a mani/pedi - I have this scheduled for Thursday, as I took the day off from work. I would do my own pedicure (because honestly, I am pretty good at it), but there is just NO time.

Get my hair cut - I should have kept the appointment I had last week, but something came up and therefore I need to move it to this week. You'd think I was the one getting married with all of this primpin'!

Buy some silver shoes - Sexy, dancin' shoes that will match the pretty, platinum color of my matron of honor dress. My little brother is getting married on Saturday and thus the chaos of my life :)

Write my Matron of Honor speech - A fine blend of witty and sweet, make all the guests think 'Wow, she is funny, smart and pretty!' (like they don't think that already - wink, wink!).

Print the programs for the ceremony - I am leaving this to the professionals...I created them but, I have decided to get them professionally printed (which I do on some projects anyway) - best money spent, yet.

Finish my Mother's Day projects - Yes, I decided to make some gifts this year to go along with some of the other gifts I bought. I always seem to do this to myself. I usually make the greeting card(s) too, but because of my list here, I had to pick mine out at Hallmark today on my lunch hour. It should also be noted that I don't 'buy' cards a whole lot and so for a minute there, when I flipped the cards over I was like 'Whoa Daddy!' on the prices. $4.00+ for a card is HIGHWAY freakin' robbery.

BTW - my friend(s) who live near the Little Green Apple Hallmark on Rochester Road, on May 20th they are having a 20% off everything you can stuff in a bag sale, so you can buy cards, wrapping paper, gifts (Vera Bradley, Yankee Candle, etc...) at a discount.

Finish my orders on etsy - because there are other Mothers out there who need their presents too!

I'll certainly be looking forward to Sunday - Mother's Day, when I can rest & relax :)

**By the way...please check out the awesome giveaway over at Harper's Happenings. There are tons of great prizes - - - one of which may or may not be a set of my address labels ♥


  1. Uhm...you forgot the best part of your weekend. Lei Lei gets to party with the VeeDubs! :) (Well, ok, that's going to be the best part of mine!)

  2. Oh - and on the tanning stuff. Jamie Resler swears by Bath and Body Works' self tanner - and she's pretty much tried them all.