did i tell you?

Probably not...and this won't be that big of a deal for some of you, but a Bare Escentuals outlet is opening at Birch Run very soon! I know (gasp!) Bare Minerals at a discount? It's awesome. The make-up is awesome. I used to see their infomercials on late night TV or on QVC/HSN. I was skeptical too...but, I had the chance to visit a real Bare Escentuals store (before they had one in mitten state) in Denver and bought like $75.00 in make-up. May not seem like much, but for me yes. Normally, this girl only splurges on foundation and a lipgloss (my favs Dior & Benefit) and occasionally a mascara 'Hello, Dior Show!'.

Can't wait for it to open, as I love me some BE and Faux Tan is one of the only self tanners that doesn't totally disgust me :P


in my closet.

Tonight while getting Leighton ready for her bath, I may have prematurely removed her diaper before the tub was totally filled with water. She likes to run free without clothes around the house, so as soon as the diaper was off she made a quick dash out of the bathroom. I finished filling the tub and then went looking for her.

Mind you this was only less than 1 minute after she took off running.

I found her - in my closet - taking a pee break on my carpet.

Luckily, it wasn't a major squirt, but it was yucky pee puddle all the same.

Thank goodness for Lysol wipes and paper towel :)

Keep an eye on your naked monkeys, just sayin'.


lesson learned.

Today, I learned that some people just have personal issues and there is nothing you can do to make them happy. Miserable with themselves or maybe their life and completely irrational in their behavior. You can't make them happy so it's best to part ways as soon as possible. I have had the pleasure of dealing with super nice people on Etsy, until today...ewwww.

I imagine she is that person who calls to complain about everything. She was a real turd and I feel bad for the folks who have to deal with her on a daily basis. 

In other GOOD news...my labels were featured in an etsy treasury, which is awesome:

See lil' ol' me in the bottom right corner?

Have a great weekend. It's supposed to be a nice one :)



If you have ever purchased anything from me...you'd know I have a love for bakers twine. It's part of my Bleu  Soleil packaging and part of my wrapping for my own personal gift giving.

Just imagine how content I was in a world only known to me as:
black, brown & red?

I was minding my own business, dum-dee-dum...then pow!

I am seeing pink, aqua, purple, orange, yellow & green.
My virgin eyes could not take the colors of this new rainbow.
It was just. too. much!

Then I recovered and thought about it and became obsessed.
Stalking THIS blog.

Are they for sale yet? Nope.

Are they for sale yet? Nope!

Are they for sale YET? NOPE!

When they are...I will have the buying power to buy any color that I wish.
I will be able to expand my color palette beyond brown/white.
Although I love my brown & white dearly...
I do love the pink...and the green...and the orange...and...


almost forgot!

Luckily I walked by a Hallmark today...cause I almost forgot about Father's Day this weekend...oops! I sware, my days are changing into nights at a very rapid pace these days. We are already near the end of June. Only 2 months of sa-sa-summer left and we haven't even planted our flowers yet. Luckily we have perennials, so our landscaping doesn't look too depressing.

I am not sure what Lei Lei and I will be buying for her Daddy this year. I just have no clue and he hasn't hinted around for anything at all. Normally I would have some idea. In a pinch, I could always go for a Visa giftcard. Did I tell you that my parents are professional shoppers? Yes, and if you ever had a chance to tagalong with them at the mall (Somerset) you would think the amount of people who recognize them is flat out ridiculous! Seriously!

I don't even know what to buy my own Dad either. The man has everything! Check out this old picture of me and my Dad when I was just over 1 years old. See that wallpaper?? Yes, that was on the kitchen walls at my house and was put up on purpose by my parents. It's awful, isn't it? You can say yes...I won't be offended :)


mean face.

Feelings - it's what we have been working on for the past few weeks. As Leighton approaches her 2nd birthday, it is becoming more apparent that we might be subject to some terrible twos behavior very soon here. I have been trying to get Leighton to tell me (or try to make her understand) when she is mad, but I haven't been too successful yet. One thing she has mastered is the 'mean face'. See Exhibit A below:

Cute but mean?

I hadn't seen this new face until after I got back from my work trip on Wednesday. I cracked up laughing when she did it of course, which then prompted her to keep doing it. She is such a ham!

P.S. HI new friends! Thanks for following!


hello from disney!

On a 2-day trip for work in very sunny central Florida - a.k.a. Walt Disney World! My absolute favorite place of all time. Work doesn't even seem like work when I am here. I haven't even gone to any of the parks are anything yet, I still feel happy - because how can you not be happy when you are here - seriously? :)

Just wanted to say Hi to all my new peeps that have come over by the way of Celeste's blog Etsy It Up! I adore Celeste's blog, so anyone who follows her blog is a friend of mine. Thanks so much for finding mine worthy enough for a read! Which brings me to my next point...

There is a giveaway over on Etsy It Up for address labels from me, so make sure you enter to win! Thank you Celeste for having me and for your wonderful comments. I really appreciate it! XOXO.

Tomorrow: thoughts on my trip.


i've been thinking...

about a hair change that is. I've been thinking about it for like 5 years now and now may be a good time to revamp myself. The problem is is that I have problem hair. Let me elaborate (although these may not seem like problems, I assure you sometimes they are):

- Thick hair
- Very slow drying hair
- Multiple steps hair
- Semi-curly/wavy/could turn frizzy with just the right amount of humidity hair
- Cannot wear short bangs (poofy wouldn't even be suitable adjective for this)

Thus the reason I usually keep my hair on the longer side. But, it's really been long for a long time. I want a low maintenance hairstyle that doesn't scream 'MOM hair'. It's kinda like the feelings I have for mini vans. Mini vans are so practical for families and honestly, they just make perfect sense. However, I flat out refuse to consider buying one, driving one, anything. It's a total MOM vehicle - yes, I know hello -  I AM a mom! I know I am weird. Some day I will probably give in to a mini van and I'll probably give in to a MOM haircut too.

But, today I am thinking something like Julie Bowen - 'Claire' from ABC's Modern Family. I don't know if my hair would lay this nice though and I am thinking it's not that much different from my hair style now:

I like this hair cut, but I highly doubt I could pull it off:

Or maybe I can go French chic? I love this one, but it's really short!

Knowing me, I'll probably get talked out of everything but a trim :)


meet ollie!

You might have seen him before...as he has made an appearance on some of my notecards. Now he is gracing these oval, scalloped labels that I just created. Isn't he cute?