hello from disney!

On a 2-day trip for work in very sunny central Florida - a.k.a. Walt Disney World! My absolute favorite place of all time. Work doesn't even seem like work when I am here. I haven't even gone to any of the parks are anything yet, I still feel happy - because how can you not be happy when you are here - seriously? :)

Just wanted to say Hi to all my new peeps that have come over by the way of Celeste's blog Etsy It Up! I adore Celeste's blog, so anyone who follows her blog is a friend of mine. Thanks so much for finding mine worthy enough for a read! Which brings me to my next point...

There is a giveaway over on Etsy It Up for address labels from me, so make sure you enter to win! Thank you Celeste for having me and for your wonderful comments. I really appreciate it! XOXO.

Tomorrow: thoughts on my trip.

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  1. Disney!! Fun!! I live only about an hour from Disney :)