almost forgot!

Luckily I walked by a Hallmark today...cause I almost forgot about Father's Day this weekend...oops! I sware, my days are changing into nights at a very rapid pace these days. We are already near the end of June. Only 2 months of sa-sa-summer left and we haven't even planted our flowers yet. Luckily we have perennials, so our landscaping doesn't look too depressing.

I am not sure what Lei Lei and I will be buying for her Daddy this year. I just have no clue and he hasn't hinted around for anything at all. Normally I would have some idea. In a pinch, I could always go for a Visa giftcard. Did I tell you that my parents are professional shoppers? Yes, and if you ever had a chance to tagalong with them at the mall (Somerset) you would think the amount of people who recognize them is flat out ridiculous! Seriously!

I don't even know what to buy my own Dad either. The man has everything! Check out this old picture of me and my Dad when I was just over 1 years old. See that wallpaper?? Yes, that was on the kitchen walls at my house and was put up on purpose by my parents. It's awful, isn't it? You can say yes...I won't be offended :)

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