If you have ever purchased anything from me...you'd know I have a love for bakers twine. It's part of my Bleu  Soleil packaging and part of my wrapping for my own personal gift giving.

Just imagine how content I was in a world only known to me as:
black, brown & red?

I was minding my own business, dum-dee-dum...then pow!

I am seeing pink, aqua, purple, orange, yellow & green.
My virgin eyes could not take the colors of this new rainbow.
It was just. too. much!

Then I recovered and thought about it and became obsessed.
Stalking THIS blog.

Are they for sale yet? Nope.

Are they for sale yet? Nope!

Are they for sale YET? NOPE!

When they are...I will have the buying power to buy any color that I wish.
I will be able to expand my color palette beyond brown/white.
Although I love my brown & white dearly...
I do love the pink...and the green...and the orange...and...

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