did i tell you?

Probably not...and this won't be that big of a deal for some of you, but a Bare Escentuals outlet is opening at Birch Run very soon! I know (gasp!) Bare Minerals at a discount? It's awesome. The make-up is awesome. I used to see their infomercials on late night TV or on QVC/HSN. I was skeptical too...but, I had the chance to visit a real Bare Escentuals store (before they had one in mitten state) in Denver and bought like $75.00 in make-up. May not seem like much, but for me yes. Normally, this girl only splurges on foundation and a lipgloss (my favs Dior & Benefit) and occasionally a mascara 'Hello, Dior Show!'.

Can't wait for it to open, as I love me some BE and Faux Tan is one of the only self tanners that doesn't totally disgust me :P


  1. Leave the kids with Daddy (respectively), pick up BP and ROAD TRIP it!

  2. Oh, and because I'm a MAC girl, I'll likely need a BE tutorial. :)