i've been thinking...

about a hair change that is. I've been thinking about it for like 5 years now and now may be a good time to revamp myself. The problem is is that I have problem hair. Let me elaborate (although these may not seem like problems, I assure you sometimes they are):

- Thick hair
- Very slow drying hair
- Multiple steps hair
- Semi-curly/wavy/could turn frizzy with just the right amount of humidity hair
- Cannot wear short bangs (poofy wouldn't even be suitable adjective for this)

Thus the reason I usually keep my hair on the longer side. But, it's really been long for a long time. I want a low maintenance hairstyle that doesn't scream 'MOM hair'. It's kinda like the feelings I have for mini vans. Mini vans are so practical for families and honestly, they just make perfect sense. However, I flat out refuse to consider buying one, driving one, anything. It's a total MOM vehicle - yes, I know hello -  I AM a mom! I know I am weird. Some day I will probably give in to a mini van and I'll probably give in to a MOM haircut too.

But, today I am thinking something like Julie Bowen - 'Claire' from ABC's Modern Family. I don't know if my hair would lay this nice though and I am thinking it's not that much different from my hair style now:

I like this hair cut, but I highly doubt I could pull it off:

Or maybe I can go French chic? I love this one, but it's really short!

Knowing me, I'll probably get talked out of everything but a trim :)

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  1. I think we may have the same hair! I chopped all my hair off last year (okay, not all off, but cut it to just below my shoulders) and it is still a beast to maintain. I actually wanted to do the second cut you posted but chickened out. I'm thinking about going for it this year though. I think I have just the right amount of wave where I can let it be wavy if I want or if I want to flat iron it out it won't take a million years to do. We'll see. :)