more labels.

I have been selling a serious amount of labels on etsy lately. Probably because honestly, it is a very inexpensive way to dress up your envelopes. To keep yall' comin' back, I have been trying to add some new designs. I will try to upload a few new ones each day, so check my etsy site to see the latest and check back here next week for a label giveaway!

Have a great weekend ♥


color help.

I have found that I often gravitate to the same old colors all of the time - I use them in my house, I use them in my wardrobe and I use them in my designs. I am trying to diversify and I often refer to this really awesome website that a friend from work introduced to me to from Adobe called kuler. It's a website that helps you search existing or create your own color themes. I find it extremely helpful...maybe you will too?


totally lovin' it tuesdays!

I read about this little quirky place called moomah in one of my parenting magazines. It sounds like a place that I would love to take Leighton and connect. There are not enough hours in the day for her. I miss her so much when I am at work. I want her to know that no matter what...I am always thinking of her and wishing we were together.

Gosh, I wish there was a moomah in Michigan!

 How cute is this place?
A blurb from their website:

It’s time, finally, to pause, slow down and lower the volume. And remember that in a quiet moment, a child can discover a world of delight. It’s in your smile, a word of praise, a quirky little rhyme, a silly song, their own personal fairy tale. At Moomah our serene space, the music we play, our games and classes, the food we prepare, indeed everything we do is designed to bring you and your child closer together. To encourage conversation, reflection, sharing and careful attention. And to understand that years from now, you will cherish this intimate moment.


another project.

When we bought our house, it came without a backsplash. It has been one of those items on our to-do list for a while now... We had priced out glass tiles a while back (2 or so years ago) and at $20 per sheet, it just wasn't something we were willing out shell money out for.

So we waited, and when Tim was at Home Depot yesterday, he called to tell me that they were selling glass subway tiles there for $4.99 a sheet. So we finally purchased the materials for our backsplash, at 25% of the original cost. We even bought tiles for the basement bar area, which was never part of the plan. We couldn't resist. At $200.00 for both areas, it was such an awesome deal.

Aren't they pretty?

laid-back weekend.

I did absolutely nothing this weekend. I was a little under the weather, so it it was nice to just relax and stay in my comfy clothes. My husband even did the grocery shopping! Leighton and I just played and watched her favorite shows: Dora & Yo Gabba Gabba.

This is a picture I took of her on the couch. She isn't supposed to be playing on the couch, so that is why when I called her name, she just sticks her head up just enough to see who is calling her. I thought it was too cute :)


wacked out wednesday.

Was there a full moon last night?

Seriously... I had one wacked out day today.

No joke.


totally lovin' it tuesdays!

Many of the blogs that I read on a daily basis have their 1 post per week in which they share their love for the items of the 'moment'. I have been thinking about doing something like that myself, so I said, Self - maybe you should do that today! There are so many things that I love, it's going to be hard pick just a couple, but here we go:

1. I am so ready for spring and this shirt is so cute & fun!
2. Scissors that make fringe? I need these.
3. Pillows that are french and adorable. So j'adore!
4. What can I say - I am a sucker for typography?
5. Well, my 10th anniversary is coming up and this would be a great gift! (hint-hint TD)



Leighton left me a surprise in my computer bag.

When I arrived at work today, I noticed what I thought was some salt residue from my truck on my bag...but as I looked closer, it wasn't salt. It was some mushed up bunny graham cracker residue from Leighton's chubby hands. Inside the bag was a neat little pile of half chewed up graham crackers. This was funny because I remember her sitting near my bag the other day and now, I know exactly what she was doing. She was eating the crackers, then taking them out of her mouth and putting them in my bag.

Honestly, even though I had to clean out all of the crumbs, it was so funny and the pure innocence of it totally made my day :)


we have a winner!

Thanks so much to everyone who entered my sweet minis giveaway. I love to make and give stuff away, so make sure you check back as I plan to do this more often. Just know that I will be giving other things away besides paper too!

I am so excited to have some new friends and I am glad you found me whether it was via Twitter, Etsy or my pal Kristi's blog.

So what I did was assigned everyone a number, in the order of the comments:

1    Kristi
2    Erin
3    Liz
4    Tina
5    Maria
6    Melissa
7    Beth
8    Caitlyn
9    Kiki
10  Kelli
11  Kristen
12  Keliann
13  Sarah

And then I let the random number generator pick a number 1 -13...
 and it picked 2! So congrats Erin, you won!

Send me your mailing address and what you want the front of your cards to say and I'll get them in the mail to you ♥


a giveaway.

 Shame on me. I meant to do this as a Valentine's giveaway, weeks earlier, but alas life gets in the way and I end up looking like a total turd :) Anyhow, I had wanted to giveaway a set of my little valentine minis to a lucky follower before Valentine's Day, but it looks like I won't be able to do that in time, so I decided to do just a giveaway of my gumball minis, which can be used for any occasion.

*What you will win:

(1) pack of six sweet mini note cards with envelopes.

*The size of these cards are 4 x 2.25 and they will have this phrase printed on the front: a note from (insert your name here). Also included are some matching envelope seals for the flaps.
*Because this is an illustration, you cannot see that the gumball that is in the dish at the bottom is actually a rhinestone. I embellish these after I print them. A little sparkle for your notes is so much fun.

Honestly, these minis are so cute when printed and would be perfect to give with a gift, stash in coat pocket or in a child's lunch - what a great way to make someone you know smile!

*So what do you need to do:

You'll need to follow my blog and leave me a comment to win. That's all!

Contest will run until Friday 2/12 and then a winner will be chosen. So easy!
After that, just wait for your special surprise in the mail ♥

what a morning.

There are some days when you wish you could crawl back into bed and wake-up the following day. Today is one of those days for me. On my way into work today, had (3) urgent calls about:

Number 1 problem: apparently the world was ending and I needed to stop it from doing so!

Number 2 problem: got a stern talking by a fellow I'll call, 'Mr. Psycho' because other people (not me) didn't read directions and graphics were missed in a shipment (FYI, that mess-up probably could have been blamed on the person giving me the stern talking to, but I digress...) 

and Number 3 problem: there was a bunch of product sitting out from an old display project that was taking up entirely too much space in our shop. The 'powers that be' decided that after a year of it sitting there collecting dust - it had to be moved...today. So, where did it move to? Well I did not have an answer for them right away, since it wasn't my project to begin with, so... I had them relocate the box to my desk.

Ahhhhhh...good times, gotta love this show business life.
Happy Monday.


more polka dot fun...

I love polka dots and these sure do make me feel happy, especially on these cold and grey, winter days. Brighten your envelopes with these cute & cheery return address labels - now available on my etsy site ♥

grey day, go away.

I need a vacation!

Puuuulease insert me here.

Image via Flickr


my love for target.

Seriously...one of my favorite stores, hands down!

I go there at least 2-3 times per week. It's just something about Target, the products just seem to look better and more appealing to purchase. Which brings me to talk about their Up & Up products. As many of you know, this is their store brand and it is just genius.

I love the look of the packaging, the colors...everything! I buy many Up & Up branded items. If you open my kitchen drawer, you will probably see garbage bags, sandwich bags, clear plastic wrap, foil...all in that wonderful rainbow packaging. The designer side of me just l-o-v-e-s this kind of detail. I am super attracted to the packaging - it's what first makes me pick up a product and the prettier it is, the more likely I am to want to buy it. I wish more stores were as smart as Target!


not bad.

The scrub pad intrigued me. I mean it's no Clarisonic, but with me being on a budget...it seemed to be the next best thing, plus I had a $2.00 off coupon and on top of that - it was on sale at Target.

I like the tingly feeling it leaves and my skin does feel cleaner after I have scrubbed it with the little brush. After rinsing off, I did the toner test. Practically clean - hmmm, not bad at all. Normally when I swipe my face with the cotton ball, I can still see remanants of make-up. Not this time. Over all I was satisfied. My face even felt smoother. Until I can get that Clarisonic for under $100, this is going to be part of my new skin care routine.