totally lovin' it tuesdays!

I read about this little quirky place called moomah in one of my parenting magazines. It sounds like a place that I would love to take Leighton and connect. There are not enough hours in the day for her. I miss her so much when I am at work. I want her to know that no matter what...I am always thinking of her and wishing we were together.

Gosh, I wish there was a moomah in Michigan!

 How cute is this place?
A blurb from their website:

It’s time, finally, to pause, slow down and lower the volume. And remember that in a quiet moment, a child can discover a world of delight. It’s in your smile, a word of praise, a quirky little rhyme, a silly song, their own personal fairy tale. At Moomah our serene space, the music we play, our games and classes, the food we prepare, indeed everything we do is designed to bring you and your child closer together. To encourage conversation, reflection, sharing and careful attention. And to understand that years from now, you will cherish this intimate moment.

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