another project.

When we bought our house, it came without a backsplash. It has been one of those items on our to-do list for a while now... We had priced out glass tiles a while back (2 or so years ago) and at $20 per sheet, it just wasn't something we were willing out shell money out for.

So we waited, and when Tim was at Home Depot yesterday, he called to tell me that they were selling glass subway tiles there for $4.99 a sheet. So we finally purchased the materials for our backsplash, at 25% of the original cost. We even bought tiles for the basement bar area, which was never part of the plan. We couldn't resist. At $200.00 for both areas, it was such an awesome deal.

Aren't they pretty?

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  1. Love it! And love the deal...woot, woot for Timmy!