new years resolutions.

Yes, I know I am late on declaring my New Years resolutions and to be quite honest, I only have 1. I want to take better pictures. Actually, I want to take awesome pictures. I want to litter my house with precious pictures of my loved ones...catching those unsuspecting moments. I want to learn how to properly use my Canon SLR camera. It is an gigantic task for me truthfully. With everything else going on, it seems as though, it is hardly a task that I can fit into my schedule, but I am really going to try. I even bought a tripod last week and a wireless remote, so I can take some of my own family photos.

I am even willing to practice on friends & their families, so if you live near me and you feel like getting your picture taken just let me know! Hint, Hint.

So now I leave you with a picture of my cutie pie kidlet. We had some serious fun playing in the snow over the weekend. Look at her pink cheeks. I die.

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  1. Dear Lei Lei - I can't wait to play with you in 2 weeks! Your Momma can practice taking all sorts of cute pictures of us and you can teach me all about your cool toys.

    Your Pal Alex