go away, cold!

On Monday night, I got about 2 minutes of sleep. Around 12:30a, Leighton was crying and calling for me, so I went and got her from her bed to rock her...only the rocking never stopped. Normally, we snuggle and I rock her gently back to sleep, but it was one of those nights that she just wasn't going back to HER bed. In fact she didn't want to lay anywhere except for on Mommy. Isn't it funny how your child can be dead asleep and as soon as she seperates from you even just a little bit they sense it and wake right back up?

Yeah, that happened all 3 times I attempted to lay her back in bed. I gave up at 5:00a and just figured the night was pretty much over and held her until it was time for me to get up for work. Secretly, I love snuggling with her. I try and suck that up as much as possible, as I know (as all Moms do) that it will eventually come to an end some day.

Last night I caught up on my sleep a little...but I still have this cold/allergy thing going on, so I kind feel like this today - a little tired and a little crabby cause my head still hurts and nose is still running:

Isn't this picture pitiful & cute at the same time?

On another note...Leighton is now spelling her name out. Pretty impressive since it is 8 letters long :) She won't do it every time I ask (which is a lot, I can't help it...it's so cute), but if I ask her randomly during the day, most-of-the-time she'll say it.


  1. Baaaaaaaaaaaaaabbbbyyyy :( so sad for baby....giver her lots of kisses from Ohio, so sad we need to get them together!!! Again, kiss her, which I am sure you are :) I love her!!!

  2. it won't last long SNUGGLE her...I need to remember that too I think my mom still wants to snuggle me, weird and I am sure I will be the same