Leighton has been running a slight fever for 2 days now. Yesterday, she didn't really play at all...she mostly layed around - so not typical of my little, sweet girl. Today she seemed to have a little more pep, but I could tell she was still feeling under the weather. She was able to have a little bit of fun in the bathtub though - one of her favorite things is to do some 'swimmin' as she would say :).

I am planning on doing some relaxing this weekend. The second set of wedding invites that I have been working on are completed and outta here. I have a couple more smaller projects and the on-goings of the etsy shop and that is about it. Snuggling with Leighton for a nap tomorrow is number one on my list for tomorrow and I have been waiting all week to do that.

Have a nice weekend ♥

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