awesome-kind of day.

Yesterday was an awesome-kind of day. Leighton's daycare provider took a sick day, so momma had to stay home and hang with her. But, it wasn't all play...I did have to work a little bit. While I worked on my computer on the couch my little side-kick snuggled right next to me watching Caillou and Dora. Around lunch we decided to get dressed and venture out. It's SO much fun now that she is this little human being who has opinions. I asked her where she wanted to eat lunch...she said "McDonalds so we eat nuggets and fries". I had the best time eating lunch with her. She doesn't like to sit in any sort of booster chair or high chair (oh heavens no!), so kneeled right next to me. This particular McDonalds had a Playland...though we didn't play much, as the Playland was quite bit and Leighton thought it was a little daunting.

After lunch, we hit Target for miscellaneous stuff and also where she got to pick a special prize for eating all of her lunch in the 'a.k.a - dollar area'. Can I say love that dollar area?

And our last stop...a pet store we visit a lot at a mall near our house. We like to look at the puppies. They are so cute when they are little like that. Leighton just gets so excited to see them...and what can I say? I get high off of her happiness! :)

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  1. Awww that sounds like a perfect day! Max and I love going to the pet store too and just looking at all the puppies and kittens. Max claps his little hands and says 'daw' and 'dat' (dog and cat) over and over again. I love it!!