Around these parts, we have been patiently trying to potty train our little monster. Pooping in the potty was so last year (seriously, it was last year!).

On Sunday, for the very first time, Leighton went number one in the potty - - all by herself, without any of my coaxing. You would have thought I won a major prize (like a leg lamp or something) the way I clapped and carried on. I think I seriously scared her because of the way she flinched when I started my hootin' and hollerin'! After she processed everything she started clapping and hollerin' herself. It was stupendous I tell you!

I promised Lei Lei if she did the pee-pee that she would get a special surprise...and so I asked her what she wanted and out of anything, you know what she tells me that she wants? Underware! A little premature after only one pee-pee in the potty, don't you think? Well, I bought her some little girl underware anyway. After we washed it, she wanted to try it on. Made my head all funny inside, seeing her in little girl underware and not Pampers. I guess I have to reassess...maybe it's Momma (ME) that is not ready for underware yet? :)

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