We had our pictures taken over a week ago...and we got the proofs back just this past Friday. I noticed something in one of the photos - a photo that was taken of Tim, Leighton and I walking hand-in-hand from the back - I noticed my butt, let me rephrase: my new Mom butt :(

Enough motivation to give myself a kick in the arse and visit Planet Fitness - 2 of the 3 days of my Memorial Day vacation. Seriously I would have gone all 3 days, but the punishment I gave myself on the first day, put me out-of-commission on the 2nd day. I showed no mercy.

Sometimes, I like that relentlessness in myself. Once I set my mind on something, I go full throttle. It's just seems to get harder to get to that point these days, as I have let myself get a bit lax on what is acceptable and what is not acceptable. For example:

In 2005: go out in public sans make-up and hair combed, uh, no way!
In 2011: go out in public sans make-up and hair combed, meh...why not?

In 2005: juice stain via Leighton on my pants means not wearing those out!
In 2011: juice stain via Leighton on my pants...hope no one notices :)

I guess sometimes you need to see that picture of yourself to fuel the fire.

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