When I was 8 or so, I desperately wanted a gumball machine for Christmas. I got one from Santa that year with a milk carton shaped container full of shiny Carousel gumballs. My mouth salivates just thinking about them. Those gumballs are so juicy!

I recently found that red gumball machine in my basement in a box. When I got married and moved out, I took it with me thinking some day my son or daughter would be just as smitten with it. I have mentioned in previous posts on Letters to Leighton, that we are in the midst of finishing our basement...and I think we might clean this gumball machine, fill it with gumballs and put it on display. I think it'll go great with our arcade style Ms. Pac Man machine. Yeah...we have one of those too and it's so fun to play :)

The gumball machine was inspiration for my Valentine Card seen here.
Available soon on my etsy site ♥

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