Hello 2010!

It's the first day of 2010 and I am starting off the new year with some changes. As you may have read on my other blog(s) Blue Soleil Design & Letters to Leighton, I said that you would see something new from me and after careful consideration I have decided to merge the two blogs into one with a new name. It was hard keeping up with two blogs and most importantly it is too hard to separate the momma from the designer ♥

I was thinking of a new name for quite some time. The name came from a heart shaped locket that I have that is engraved with the words toujours à mon coeur which means always in my heart in French. It's my favorite piece of jewelry (besides my wedding ring) and it is it kinda sums up what this blog is all about - all things close to my heart.

I hope that if you followed me on Bleu Soleil Design and Letters to Leighton, you will follow me here instead. I will try to keep it interesting, somewhat funny and most importantly, true to my heart.

Here's to a great year, great friends and new beginnings!


1 comment:

  1. Yippie for new blogs! :)

    In related news, I can't wait to see your Valentine's designs...I want to order some for Alex to give to his Daycare peeps.