an american in paris.

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When I was in Paris in October 2009, I really felt like a bum because I couldn't communicate. After my first Paris trip, I had vowed to learn the language, so that I didn't have the need to say en anglais, svp? I have very limited French vocabulary, so unless I am ordering something I can just read off the menu, saying Hello or inquiring about the restroom, I am pretty much useless. Oh yeah...and I never got around to register for those classes, although I perused the class catalog about 100+ times.

One of my new year's resolutions and 2010 work goals is to learn how to speak French, so now I really need to commit to it or be a loser who doesn't accomplish her goals. And I can't live with myself, if that happens. My last trip to Paris was work related (we have clients over there), so it really is in my best interest to learn. Today I checked out some classes and they start at the end of January and they are near my work, basically once a week in the early evening. Sweet!

So I am going to go and sign up this week. I am pretty excited and nervous, only because I want to do great and I know it's going to be hard. I can't wait to be able to say more than Bonjour.

Wish me luck! Souhaitez-moi la chance!

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