little valentine minis.

I am so excited for these cute little notecards and the little sweet mailbox that will come along with it. I am going to be listing a valentine pack for all of you who would like cute little valentines to give out to your friends or would like them for your kids.

Included in the special pack:
10 notes with matching envelopes - there will be 5 different designs.
10 heart stickers that you can use to decorate your envelopes. Sweet!
Approximate size: 2.25 x 4"

One of the designs will be this little robot cutie! Yeah, I am pretty much in love with him too.


And...to make this even more special, all of the notes will be packed inside your very own valentine mailbox. Super sweet!

What a great gift for your little pumpkin' or for yourself ♥
If it is for a gift, I will happy to make you a special tag with his or her name that can be looped around the flag.

Check on my etsy site later in the week. Also, dearest friends of mine - if you order this on etsy and you do not want it shipped, send me a note and I will create a special listing without shipping charges.

Did I mention that I Valentine's Day?

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