love notes.

Just listed in my etsy store are these swell mini valentine notes with envelopes. Super duper cute and ready to be hidden in pockets, lunch boxes and your valentine's mailbox. There are several designs and the bestest part is that you can pick what you want and how many  - - up to 12 total.

For Valentine's Day, I am planning a scavenger hunt for my husband and daughter. I am going to leave a Valentine note on the kitchen table early in the morning, so that they can play when they wake up. The note will give them directions to the next Valentine note. With each note, I am going to leave them a little surprise. Over the past few weeks, I have been buying little gifts for them and it's been so much fun. I can hardly wait until the 14th ♥

What are you doing for your Valentine(s)?

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  1. These are SUPER adorable!! I love the one with the whale! :)