happy birthday leighton.

I can hardly believe it has been two years since you have come into my life, sweet Leighton. And now, I can barely remember a day when you weren't here. In a blink, it seems like you went from baby to a bounding, imaginative toddler singing her ABCs or Zip-a-dee-doo-dah. I always knew you'd be smart and ahead of the pack, after walking at just 9 months. You are always singing and dancing to the beat of your own drum and never looking back to see who follows. Nowadays you are wanting to do everything yourself, even walking down the stairs (which freaks your momma right out). You say 'No, Momma, I do myself' but, I stay a step ahead, just-in-case.

You are such a intelligent little girl. You can speak in full sentences and sometimes you throw some Spanish in there for good measure. I laughed so hard the other day when you were yelling from the bedroom in Spanish to help you. You make my day when I come home from work, or from a trip and say, 'Momma come here a second...I wanna give you a big hug. I missed you' or when you answer my 'I love you' with 'I love you, too'. I love that when you go to sleep you wrap your arm around my neck and want to touch heads. I lay by you until you go to sleep. I am glad you feel safe and loved, because you are. There isn't anything I wouldn't do to make you happy. You are so awesome and so perfect.

I thank God everyday that you are mine.

Happy Birthday little one.

XOXO and love forever.


Lei Lei, 2 years old.


  1. OK, I am crying now...Happy Birthday to Leighton and her mama!!

  2. happy birthday leighton! we share the same birthday! it rocks little one! hope you had a fantastic day!

  3. Happy beeday my sweet little Lei, Lei...if just a wee little bit late. You are perfect in every way.