things i dislike.

Today was one of 'those' days and it seemed as though a lot of things/scenarios kept popping up that I wish I could have clicked a 'dislike' button for. I thought I'd share a few {sorry, some of these are gross - but unfortunately they happened...today}

1. Remnants of someone else's turd in the bathroom toilet. Nothing like seeing a disintegrating poop log when you kick open the bathroom stall at work. DISLIKE!

2. Neighbors who park their hillbilly monster truck on their front lawn, I don't know...maybe the truck doesn't like to be parked in the freakin' driveway where it belongs?! DISLIKE.

3. Slow people who work at Target - Leighton and I went to Target and she wanted a cherry Slurpee...so we went to the food court area and I am not lying when I say we were 'next in line' for about 20 minutes, while the lady who worked there rang up a popcorn and gave the girl a cup (to fill her own drink)?! I never seen anyone wash their hands, fill a popcorn bag and move so slowly as I did today. Leighton must have repeated that she wanted a Slurpee about 1,357 times. I had to bite my tongue and not tell Leighton that this lady was the slowest person on the face of mother earth, for fear she would repeat that out loud. Thinking back, I should have told her - it would have been funny and at least then I could have laughed. Major DISLIKE!

I am glad I got those off my chest. Thank you very much for listening.
Feel free to go about your day.

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