mystery of mae-mae.

Ever since Leighton could talk...we have yet to solve the mystery of mae-mae.
Enter Exhibit A:

You might recognize her as the face of Wendy's. I do not know her real name and I guess I always assumed her name was 'Wendy' (duh!). Anyhow, one day when we went to Wendy's (because my husband loves himself a frosty), Leighton kept pointing to her saying mae-mae. It was like she was trying to get my attention to tell me, 'Mommy this is mae-mae'. I am puzzled to this day to how she decided that 'Wendy' was mae-mae and what exactly that could mean. She still calls her mae-mae, whenever she happens to see that logo. I guess it will always remain a mystery to me.

So now I have myself wondering...have your kids ever come up with any crazy names?

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  1. When Alex says "happy" it means he wants a bite of whatever you're eating. ;)