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The holiday season has started. I hear Christmas music in the stores and the trees and decorations are up everywhere! And this year I am really sticking to the promise I made to myself to get all of Christmas responsibilites completed early. No last minute (read: panic) shopping. Getting our holiday pictures taken before Thanksgiving (hopefully!) and getting out our Christmas cards prior to our norm lately of 1 week before Christmas. In the past, since we've been so last minute with our cards, I have had to make them myself. And to be quite honest, I never really found a place that had a good selection of cards that were reasonable in price, until now. I had to take another look at Shutterfly.

Now, I am not new to Shutterfly...as I have ordered pictures, photo books and note cards in the past. But, I guess I never really noticed how fantastic their Christmas cards are. What appeals to me the most is how modern and fresh the designs are...even the religious ones. What I have found is that most religious cards are pretty darn ugly and I know this is terrible to say...but it has dissuaded me from buying them most of the time. But, not the ones available on Shutterfly - they are colorful, cute and up-to-date. I love them!

Another item to note...since I am a maker of paper good myself (invites, labels, note cards, etc...) paper and printing quality is really important to me and are details that I cannot overlook. I can happily endorse the quality that Shutterfly offers based on orders that I have placed in the past. The paper is weighty, not thin like other competitors and the printing quality is excellent, never grainy. Plus, they ship speedily and really go to lengths to make sure that your stuff arrives in pristine condition. These are some of the most important reasons why I order from them, myself (just sayin!).

So, now....here are a few of my favorites (click on the pictures to link to Shutterfly).

Adorable and what Christmas is all about!

I LOVE how you can personalize this one!

What can I say? It's French!

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