3 weeks and counting...

T is for two, toddler and time - all of which has come way too fast in my opinion. Sometimes when people ask about Leighton...how old is she again?. I always stand there looking puzzled (like the turd that I am - counting the months in my head), because I just cannot comprehend at that moment, the time that has passed.

I constantly hear: When are you going to get rid of that sucky, Jackie? When are you going to start potty-training? When is Leighton getting a real bed? Sa-sa-say what?

Crazy talk I say to myself! She is just a baby. Well, not so much these days. I guess eventually, I will have to try really hard to get her on the potty (instead of giving in after asking her multiple times). And I suppose there is no time like the present to start saving some money for a big girl bed.

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