I haven't been a very good blogger lately. I am sorry. Life is hectic right now. I blame my real job. Just recently I took over a whole bunch of work. What used to be work of three people is now work of one - ME! Yes, I am thankful I have a J-O-B :) But, seriously how many times do I have to be thankful for this job of which I received a pay-cut from last year & added a lot of responsibilities to this year?

Plus it's wedding season and I have had a few orders for wedding invites too. I have to admit - weddings are fun and I personally LOVED getting married. Each time I get to design and print new invites, I get to vicariously live out my wedding again... in a different place, with different colors and fun invitations. And just how do I do this? Well, I make a sample of each invite to keep and I insert my name/info for that one. I have gotten married many places!

In other news, and this is pretty funny...

I gave Leighton a bath today and she pooped in the tub! It was gross and funny at the same time. I am shocked that it hasn't happened before today, honestly. Nothing like having your nicely scrubbed infant dropping kids off in her pool. Needless to say, tonight turned into a two bath night.

Leighton has also learned to count. She can count up to three on her own. And up to ten if I say every other number. For example - Mommy says one, Lei-Lei says two, Mommy says three, Lei-lei says four...we do this all the way up to ten. She likes to count best when crawling up the stairs. It's is quite impressive (ha, ha) ♥


  1. "Nothing like having your nicely scrubbed infant dropping kids off in her pool."


    Also - sorry about the work crap. Please tell me to take a long walk of a short bridge if I'm ever a source of craziness. :) For realz.

  2. So so funny! And so awesome for Leighton! Language happens faster when paired with movement for lots of kids :)