So I've we've (cause I am including Tim in this) been thinking lately...that the interwebs could use a bff.com site. You know, something that rolls like Match.com or eHarmony that is for people looking for a bff. Most especially, for couples that are looking for some bffs too.

Lately, it's been getting to us, seeing all the fun other friends are having by getting together, going on vacations, hanging out together and such, that we don't really have any bffs of our very own. It would be cool to have a site that could match you up with other couples with kids or sans kids (depending on how you roll), no?

I think this is how my advert might read:

MWM/MWF + lil' shortie age 2
Christian, late 20s/early 30s age group 
Looking for a fun couple who likes or would attempt to try fun activities, not limited to: hanging out, mountain biking, going out for dinner, eating ice cream, dirt biking, going on vacations, bar-b-quein' in the backyard, watching movies, playing sports such as baseball and/or homerun derby or watching them on TV, skiing/snowboarding, boating, swimming, playing games and acting crazy. Good sense of humor is a must!

I dunno...might be a little much? :)


  1. I find it only midly odd that you posted this THE DAY YOU LEFT for vacation with the VeeDubs. Are we off the short list? :)

  2. No, silly you are not off the list, in fact you are the only ones ON the list. You don't want us stalking you, do ya? :)

    Ha, ha.