tie score.

Round 2: Santa Claus vs. Easter Bunny.

In 2010 (Round 1) the score was:
Santa Claus 1
Easter Bunny 0

There were many tears for the Easter Bunny last year. The little L-Monster lived up to her nickname that day. She freaked out when it was her turn to visit the Easter Bunny. Cried, red-faced, screaming out Momma when I even dared to sit her on the bunny's lap. If you just heard her cries, you would have thought I was torturing her. It was traumatizing for her and me. Seriously!

Fast forward to Christmas...things were a little better. She mildly freaked, but then when Santa gave her knuckles (not a high five), she was more comfortable. She even let her momma sit her on Santa's lap. Mind you, this was some serious business, therefore there were no smiles in this picture, but I was fine with that...I was tickled as Elmo that we didn't have a meltdown. Hooray!

Now moving along to Easter 2011...we've been talking about the bunny for weeks now. Trying to get Leighton used to the idea and how the bunny would be bringing her some treats, etc. I am feeling good about the whole thing and so we decide to take her to see the bunny last night. Leighton's super pumped the whole way there and when we get there the line is short (sweet!), so there won't be a lot of waiting around. Meanwhile while we are waiting there during the 10 minutes that it took, Leighton is waving and saying 'Hi Easter Bunny' you know, basically being cute and cracking everyone up in line. So, now we're up - and Leighton takes my hand and we walk up. At first she stands there and assesses the situation. She lets me sit her next to the bunny. She takes some of the cutest pictures ever with the bunny - even leaning into it. She's giving hugs, she's giving knuckles, she's talking a mile-a-minute to the bunny....then, her turn is over. And as I try to coax her off the bench, tears spill down her cheeks. She doesn't want to leave. She wants to keep hugging the bunny. After I talk to her and figure out there is no way that I am going to be able to reason with her, I have to pick her up and carry her away. All the while, my heart is breaking and she's calling out to the bunny. Everyone in line is sympathizing and saying 'Awwww'. It was not what I expected at all.

She cried most of the way home until I told her that maybe we could see the Easter Bunny again.

It's a new ballgame folks - with a tie score:

Santa Claus 1
Easter Bunny 1

Until December :)

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