where have i been?

I guess I took a big ol' bloggy break that I didn't even plan on taking. Oops. Sometimes my real life gets in the way. By the way, at my J-O-B, this time of the year is the busiest for me. After Labor Day, it basically fast forward and increasing speed each day - - all - the - way - to - freakin - Christmas! Blahhhhhhhh. So as I am moving at Lightening speed, I forget all the little important things in life that keep me sane: like taking a time out to dance a jig with Leighton, update this blog, paint my toes, create new things for my etsy shop, watch a movie...

Have I mentioned that I am enjoying the fall weather? I am not, however enjoying this rainy spell we are having. Today at work, they brought in gallons of cider and hundreds of fresh donuts for us from Yates Cider Mill (a local place). It was awesome. I ate 3 donuts...I couldn't help myself. They were so fresh, warm and delicious. The only thing that could have made it better, was if they would have had caramel apples for dessert :)

Happy Thursday!

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