what the h-e-double hockey sticks?!

So I picked up my bridesmaid dress last week...brought it home and hung it on the back of my closet door. I purposely have not tried it on yet. I dunno, I sorta had a bad feeling about it.

I manned-up today. Took that bad boy off the hanger and tried it on. Skirt went on first. We are wearing 'separates' for my friend's wedding. The skirt is to the floor, a-line style and it went on fine. Zipped it up and it fit. Only negative thing it was way too long, needs to be hemmed up. Waist was not tight at all (my original fear). I was trying to find a picture of it to post here, but the Alfred Angelo site is bonkers today and keeps giving me an error. The color is cherry red.

So where was I? Oh yeah, the skirt was on...so far so good.

Tried on the top halter style, when I tried to zip it up, this is where it all went so very wrong...here is the top, cute right?

Cute & beaded for some sparkle!

So the boob area is huge and the area right under the boobs is so tight, like too tight to even move. The good part is that I could zip it up. The bad thing is that it felt like I needed to remove (2) ribs to have any room to breathe. So now I ask all of the folks of the interwebs...how in the heck do I lose inches in my ribcage area? I mean is it even possible? Or do I just blame this on my missproportioned body and just get it altered? I dunno what to do.

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  1. Hmmm...methinks short of popping out a rib, there's no solution there. I had to have a dress for someone's wedding (Kelli? Kyle? don't remember) take out at the zipper a bit and the seamstress was able to do it, no problem. I think that dress was AA, too!