then and now.

And now a glimpse into my little life...last weekend I attended one of my bf Corky's bridal shower. Courtney, Amy & I have been bffs for nearly 15 years now. Which I find so crazy when I really think about the time. I am honored to be in her bridal party. She was in mine (over 10 years ago, now sheesh!). We have had a lot of good times together and I cherish our friendship. So this is us last Saturday:

Amy on left, Court in the middle

And this is a picture of us at my bridal shower in September of 2000: 
 Amy on left, Court on the right

Another funny fact I just realized...Court, Amy & I were married 5 years apart. Oh, and guess what? In just 2 weeks I will be visiting my absolute favorite place in the whole world. Hmmmm...can you guess where?

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